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operational visits, events & Photos

A look back at some of the site visits and events through my career in live operations in rail and construction.
boots on the ground


A chance to construction operations on HS2 at Old Oak Common.
Flannery Excavator Piling Cage Piling Rig Lynch Tipper Mark Groombridge Boots on the Ground
boots on the ground

Piling operations

A chance to see piling operations on HS2 and the equipment used for piling operations.

There is nothing better when it comes to understanding Health & Safety than speaking to people at the point of risk. A chance to understand activities, listen and learn.

Piling Cage Piling Rig Flannery Excavator Lynch Tipper Mark Groombridge Boots on the Ground
Boots on the ground

Visit with colleages on HS2

A site visit to see the M42 operations on HS2.

A chance to meet people and colleagues at the point of risk working on the M42 box near Coleshill on HS2.

Boots on the ground

BBGE & Bachy

A site visit to see piling operations on HS2.

Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering and Bachy formed a joint venture to deliver the largest piling operations in Europe on the HS2 project.

May 2024 I took the opportunity to get out and see live piling operations on three sites. A chance to meet people at the point of risk and learn what is entailed with complex piling operations.

Boots off the ground

57m tower crane climb

A trip up to visit one of the tower crane operators.

Although I am not one for heights and prefer to keep my boots firmly on the ground. I decided to take a trip up to speak with a tower crane operator so I could understand what that role entails.

A chance to meet an operator working a height and understand the task of climbing from the ground to the top of a tower crane.



Site visit to Old Oak Common on the April 2024

Old Oak Common one of the London stations for HS2.

A chance to visit the site during the construction phase and meet people at the point of risk.

Health and Safety risk assessments, standards and procedures are a vital part of what we do everyday in Health and Safety. But, nothing compares to going out to see and speak with people at the point of risk.

Boots on the Ground

Kingsbury Facility

Site visit to Kingsbury April 2024
engineering visit
Boots on the Ground

HS2 Piling Operations

Site visit to HS2 May 2024
engineering visit
mark groombridge - h&s Leader

first week at work

It's not everyday that you start a new position and able to take a photo of the first moments in a new job.
Boots on the Ground

Tower Climb in BB power

A trip out to experience what it is like to work on the power towers in September 2018